This spring, VIERLIVE and OAKBAG^ have come together to create a limited
piece representing the VIERLIVE experience. Combining the art of live
musical experiences through digital concerts with sustainable streetwear
makes up for the perfect collaboration. Through our shared passion for
culture, creatives and sustainable art we have made a hoodie to embrace
these values and cultivate the creative culture.

In this first collection, we have captured six moments from some of our
favorite VIERLIVE streams. Together with the creative work of OAKBAG^, we
wanted this black hoodie to convert the visual experience from the concerts
into a physical piece. Each individual stream lives its own life, but together,
they make up the VIERLIVE universe. Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic
RGB-colors derived from the digital era of the 90s. Each garment is carefully
screenprinted by hand on sustainable-focused fabrics here in Norway.
And we ́re proud to announce that it is now available for purchase.