This week we had a name-contest on our instagram (@oakbagsktbs) and TikTok (@oakbag). For who? Our logo/mascot/brother * 👇

* Actually this logo already had a name, Nacho. But we felt that he deserved a real idk "welcome to the family", and also we just did not feel the name Nacho anymore... Why we called him Nacho in the first place? 👉 When Henrik was done drawing this logo with his fingers on his iphone SE, Ben of course had to see and rate it. In the middle of the rating session, Henrik´s mom called for dinner, (Nachos), and from that dinner his name was Nacho. Sometimes Nacho the Angel, but that´s too long.


So yeah, we had a name-contest running for 4 days, and we recieved 1000+ suggestions,  We are still trying to find our favorites.. 🤣🤣🤣  We will get there!



This is a picture of us rn trying to choose a name:



Stay posted on our accounts to see the winning name

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